Friday, June 19, 2009

Gabb on Carson

Sean Gabb offers a very thoughtful review of Kevin Carson's Organization Theory on the Libertarian Alliance blog. I am inclined to disagree with Gabb about copyright and “vulgar libertarianism” alike, and a number of those posting to the comments section seem overly confident that transportation subsidies don't really distort patterns of commercial activity or promote otherwise inefficient organizational sizes. But whatever disagreements I might have with Gabb (and especially with a number of his readers, for whose views he obviously isn’t responsible), this is a great review.

What makes it so powerful is its capacity to convey a sense of just how eye-opening Carson's work really is. Gabb has surely read more social, political, and organizational theory than most people, and yet it's clear that engaging with Carson led to a genuine “aha!” moment for him, as it did for me. I encourage readers of this blog to devour, digest, repost, and respond to Gabb's review (both at his own site and on LiberaLaw).

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Sean Gabb said...

Thanks. So far as these terms have any meaning, I am a man of the right. There is much in the cluster of left libertarian traditions that I do not share and am not likely to share. Even so, I accept that the intellectual traditions in which I have grown up are themselves imperfect. There is a hardness in these traditions, and a lack of sympathy for the poor and unfortunate, that I have never found attractive. There is also the frequent assumption - I never accepted it, but never wholly rejected it - that actually existing capitalism is a dirty approximation to a free market order. I have found Kevin Carson's work to some extent a liberation, and to some extent a challenge. As said, I do not agree with all he says. And I will, once my current writing commitments are out of the way, sit down and try to explain the grounds of my disagreement.