Sunday, December 28, 2008

Update! Carson on Anarchism and Organizations

Kevin Carson’s first-rate Organizational Theory is now listed at Amazon.

Carson offers a powerful set of arguments designed to show that centralized, hierarchical business organizations exist—primarily—because of past and ongoing acts of dispossession and because of subsidies and monopoly privileges granted by the state. He points toward an alternate model grounded in the rights of workers, freed markets, and environmental sustainability.

If you’re not acquainted with Carson’s work, read him. Now. An articulate proponent of “free market anti-capitalism,” he’s developed a fascinating synthesis of Proudhonian, Austrian, and Marxist perspectives on economic issues. Check out his stuff here and here.

Look for a full review of Kevin’s new book in the next few weeks.

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Kevin Carson said...

Thanks a lot, Gary. Amazon doesn't seem to have the page completed yet--no order button and it's still listed as "unavailable"--but with luck that will change soon.

BTW, everyone should know this book owes a great deal to Gary's design skills. Both the text pdf and the cover are his work.