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Kinsella on Hoppe on Immigration

Some lively conversation has already erupted at the Center for a Stateless Society over Kevin Carson 's new commentary, “ Authoritarians in Libertarian Clothing .” Carson expresses his puzzlement at the support many putative libertarians seem inclined to offer to hierarchical social arrangements in the workplace, the family, etc. Offering a characteristically clear and pugnacious response, Stephan Kinsella begs to demur. For whatever reason, WordPress hasn't made it possible for me to contribute to the thread of comments on Carson’s post, so I’ve decided to take the opportunity to react to one aspect of Kinsella's argument here. Carson notes “the argument, by Hans Hermann Hoppe and his followers, that immigration would be restricted in a free market anarchy by the universal appropriation of land,” and points out some objections to it. Kinsella responds: As for Hoppe–well, although he’s actually against state immigration restrictions as an anarchist, at worst, his second-b