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Getting from There to Here

Blogging can build personal connections between a writer and her or his readers. I’d like mine to do so, and I’ve enjoyed the chance to get to know a number of people as a result of various sorts of on-line interactions. This post is designed to contextualize the aspects of my work related to politics and give the people who read it a better sense of who I am. What Made Our Home Different? Born in Glendale, California, in 1966, I spent most of my childhood and adolescence in Riverside County. I grew up in a conservative Protestant home, with parents who were both enthusiastic Republicans—Goldwater voters in ’64, among the last to give up on Richard Nixon a decade later. Despite the obvious similarities, there were at least three important differences between my home and many others that looked superficially like it. (i) My father, a World War II veteran (he served as a medical corpsman in the Pacific Theatre), had seen too much of military life to be