DailyNerve Test: Responding to deBlasio on Uber

I've been involved for several years in the work of BigNerve and associated companies. One of those companies, DailyNerve, focuses on "solution news." According to the site: "Have you ever read a piece of news and thought, “how hard could that really be to fix?” or better yet, “I know how we could fix that!”? Well, here’s your chance to get those ideas out there. At DailyNerve you are the think tank to the news. / We have one simple goal. We want to find ingenious solutions for common problems that plague people on both a local and a global level, and we want to utilise crowd sourcing to do it. That means getting those ideas out of YOUR head, and into reality.”

DailyNerve works by inviting reader responses to question-centered contests, with reader-proposed solutions assessed through a sophisticated crowd-based technique. I'm testing the platform today with a question (framed, like all DailyNerve contest questions, in the subjunctive):

How could activists seeking to expand transportation options in New York City and to undermine the medallion oligopoly respond most effectively to mayor Bill deBlasio’s attempt to limit Uber’s operations in New York?

Here's the contest on DailyNerve. Please check out the site and let me know what you think.


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